about grimbogs

"bedbugs" is an organization built on integrating grimbogs into society peacefully while bringing them into the public consciousness in a positive light. bedbugs have deployed 10,000 membership NFTs for people who believe in the limitless possibilities that grimbogs have to offer.

while the precise origins of the grimbogs are still unknown, technical advances have led to many new discoveries revealing more about their history.

vitruvian grimbog
vitruvian grimbog

the grimbogs have spent millennia hiding from the human race, living in fear of how they would be treated. fossils dating back to the neolithic period have revealed that grimbogs have settled all across the globe.

1969 marked the first documented grimbogs sighting — and spurned the great grimbog panic. people’s perception of the grimbogs were spun from wild tales of their own making, depicting them as dangerous mythical creatures.

there were no more documented sightings until 1981, when a fisherman spotted a grimbog swimming in the bay, igniting the grim rush.

search crews were deployed all across the world, and returned with mountains of data and even more answers. they found that the grimbogs were assimilating within our society, right under our very noses. some people then greatly feared the grimbogs, while others wanted to fight for their rights in decent society.

subsequently, bedbugs has created a pro-grimbog group that has fostered a network of 10,000 individuals that strive to clear up the common misconceptions about grimbogs.

the team

  • aaron maresky


    building invigorating communities and dedicated to bringing like-minded individuals together.

  • alex bortz

    creative director

    multi-disciplinary artist and creative director working in music and fashion.

  • luca de ry

    director of ops

    advisor, manager, and trader. constantly in search of IRL applications.

  • back­seats

    engineering lead

    solidity dev, co-founder of noun cats, co-creator of contractreader.io.

  • plaid shaman

    ui/ux + web dev

    designer, developer, founder. bringing to life the next generation of creative web3 experiences.

more about grimbogs

a grimbog, if you get close enough to catch a whiff, tends to smell mostly of hay and oud with a slight hint of lavender.

warning: grimbogs should under no circumstances be consumed. however if one were to be eaten, it is said that they have a taste and consistency closest to that of a swordfish.

the average grimbog feels similar to a plastic bag filled with peanut butter.

grimbogs sound quite similar to human beings although their voices tend to be much lower and they speak very slowly.